How Will Driverless Car Technology Affect Motoring Solicitors?

Driverless cars are coming. Every now and then we are learning of updates on new autonomous cars being manufactured. The cars are having a more advanced technological system with each passing month. It is predicted that in the near future these driverless cars will reduce accidents by over 80% and will be more efficient on roads. That is a dream everyone wants to become real. What one needs to understand is that driverless cars are bringing the concept of no driver behind the wheel, transforming from the traditional driver behind the wheel. This is something that is getting motoring solicitors very concerned.

Considering the fact that a motoring solicitor defends a driver against a number of motoring offences, there will be a lot of change when driverless car technology will be fully utilised. There would be no drivers driving these autonomous cars. This simply means that there will be no driver to be defended by the motoring lawyer. Let’s consider the offences that demand a motoring solicitor, which will be affected by driverless car technology.

Drug & Drink Driving

This is one of the common offences drivers are charged within the country. Mostly drivers are asked to pull over to the side of the road where the police can perform a drug test. If a driver fails the test, they will be charged. It is at this time that one requires a motoring solicitor to advise and represent them as they face investigation and prosecution. It is obvious that if the driverless car technology will be successful, there will be no drivers arrested for drug & drink driving. This makes the need of motoring solicitors obsolete

Driving without Insurance

This is another common offence that makes drivers look for the legal expertise of motoring solicitors. One thing for sure, the type of insurance coverage will change. There will be no drivers to be covered if the driverless car technology is implemented. This means there will be no driving without insurance charges, something that eliminates the need for a motoring solicitor.

Failure to Stop During an Accident and Reporting an Accident

Driverless cars are predicted to make the roads very safe. It is speculated that autonomous cars will reduce almost all accidents. This is considering the fact that over 90% of road accidents are caused by drivers. Another offence that requires the expertise of a motoring solicitor is failure to stop and report an accident. If there will be fewer accidents because of the autonomous cars, then it means that there will be fewer offences, therefore no need for motoring lawyers.

Dangerous or Careless Driving Offences

The driverless car technology is designed to replace the human drivers who are prone to dangerous and careless driving. It is predicted that there will be no careless or dangerous driving, therefore, related offences will be reduced. This then shows that one will not require defending by a motoring solicitor.

There are other motoring offences that will be eliminated by the improvisation of the driverless car technology. This means that it will greatly affect motoring solicitors, sadly, in a negative way.